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Email Series

This is a series of seven  emails for a Chiropractic Coaching Program. Click the PDF to view the copy.


Digital Sales Letter 


This is a promotion for a mastermind program. Click the PDF to read the copy.

Wellness Newsletter

This is a newsletter promoting a

Health Coaching practice. Click the PDF to read the material.

Health Coaching.webp

Print Sales Letter

I created this letter for the

"Blueprint For A Successful Practice" seminar.

Click the PDF to see the copy.

DPB Image.jpeg

Social Media Article

This is an article about having an eagle-eyed media strategy for quality customer engagement. 

Click the PDF... 


Heart Health E-Book

This is presentation material 

for a corporate meeting. Click the PDF to read the book.

Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 11.21.45 PM.png

Business Article

This is an article on the dynamics of persuasion. Click the PDF to read the article.


Small Business Letter

Here's an introduction letter 

for a kettlebell business. Click the PDF to read the letter..

Image by Mathieu Chassara

Blog Post

This is a blog post for creating an exceptional vision. Click the PDF to read it..

Image by Austin Distel
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