Community Crossroads

It's Sunday morning, sitting alone in an obscure coffee shop off the beaten path.

At a large, common table listening to the conversations.

Peering into the crossroads of relationships...discovering the journeys folks are traveling on.

Struggles, joy, confusion, love, laughter, plans... and pain.

Intersections for introspection...

Confirmation for me we're not meant to be alone on this path.

So...I'll extend my spirit to serve others to be an encouragement.

But wait a minute!

I need to sort out my thoughts before I can be of any use to someone.

Or do I need to stay out of my head and go to my heart?

That's where the spirit lives...

Living water flowing through me....Not from me.

So I go to the place where infinite creativity, inspiration, love, and beauty reside.

The wellspring of life...Jesus.

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