Disconnected Connections

Think about the times in your life where you've felt the best about yourself.

Everything was in an effortless flow...

Totally in your element.

You would do it all day long if it was possible.

Isn't it when you were encouraging someone else...

Using your gifts and special abilities?

No accident happening...which is why you're here!

Created for a purpose.

Greatness within you just waiting to be released into the world.

Stakes are high for your Creator...

He's more interested in your life than you are!

Working behind the scenes...

Showing up at the intersections of your relationships.

Yet, how can this happen if you're staring into a smartphone?

I was at a family campfire last night in the solitude of nature.

Perfect crossroads for life lessons, love, memories, and stories.

Yet, everyone's attention was focused on their good ole iphone!

Communities connected...yet separated.

Mediocre magnitude meant to be magnificent.

Your fortune is right in front of you...

By looking into someone's eyes rather than the window of a device.

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