Labor Day Miracle

I distinctly remember Labor Day...the end of a long, delightful Summer of1975.

I had gone to bed early...8:00 pm...exhausted from football practice in the 90 degree heat.

About an hour later, I woke up to the constant ringing of the telephone...

"Why doesn't anyone answer it?" I asked myself as I got out of bed to go downstairs.

When I picked up the phone, I didn't have the slightest inkling that my life was about to change.

"Where's your mom?" a woman's slurred voice demanded.

I suddenly remembered my parents weren't home, and I told her I would leave a message.

Happy to resume my sleep, it wasn't long before my joy was interrupted from mom shouting...

"Donny! Hurry up and get dressed!"

It turned out the woman on the phone was in labor, and she needed our help.

We called the ambulance and rushed over to her home out in the middle of nowhere.

Problem was, we knew precisely how to locate her residence, but the paramedics didn't.

Suddenly, Mom and I were delivering a life into this world on the living room floor!

A beautiful baby girl!

We had witnessed a miracle right before our eyes.

A magnificent labor of love and beauty arrived in our arms unexpectedly.

What miracle awaits You in your life today?

Graveyards are filled with unrealized dreams, potential, and greatness.

The miracle you're yearning for is inside You waiting to be revealed.

It takes courage, faith, and...labor to give birth to an extraordinary life...

For the world to cherish and enjoy!

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