Crash Course in Carts

I had to get an estimate for my car from a shopping cart incident on New Year's eve.

Security video footage recorded the entire event.

An employee failed to put away some of the carts after closing time.

Obvious oversight by a lazy individual which resulted in negligence.

A rebel cart made a beeline for my vehicle causing damage.

Now, the interesting part.

Insurance company rep says I might have a problem...

Their position is the cart was "stationary".

They don't cover damages from accidents with stationary objects.

"I don't understand" I replied..."How do you mean"?

"Well, the cart wasn't moving when you backed into it", he reasoned.

My inquisitive nature got the best of me...

"I wonder how the stationary object got there"?

"I don't know" was his reply.

"Perhaps it has wheels...therefore, it's a movable object".

"Wouldn't it?"...I wondered.

"I suppose so" he said, agreeing with my logic.

We then made arrangements for the repair at the local body shop.

I thought about it afterward.

Do these companies sit around dreaming up these idiotic replies?

How do they make these delusional arguments up?

Yet, corporations, families, groups, and individuals do it on a daily basis.

Excuses to shift responsibility and blame to others in a creative way.

The unfortunate state of our culture these days.

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