Life In The Faith Lane

Today I was reflecting upon my life and the paths I've traveled. Some interesting while others were mundane. Scary times mixed in with exciting adventures. The exhilarating highs contrasted the gloomy lows which overwhelmed me with fear and doubt.

Life in the fast lane as well as the slow lane. The comfortable one leads to a known haven. Then there's the dreaded word called faith. We want our projected outcome in order to maintain control. Yet, we understand there are no guarantees.

What if you knew all your desires assured success? No way you would fail? Would you pursue it? What would be the outcome? Who would benefit with the gifts you shared for God's plan to prevail? If the Lord's in it, then how could it fall apart?

When I face difficult roads, Jesus has this, doesn't He? Perhaps it's only a matter of perspective. I could travel down the boulevard cruising in the faith lane. I'd be able to navigate this highway to a fantastic destination!

Yes, I'll place my trust and hope in the faith lane. Assured Jesus will be in the driver's seat. Thrilled for what's ahead with His magnificent journey for me. The perfect plan is fulfilled for my life. Because I had faith in Him.

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