July Jewel

It was late morning in July. I always relax on Monday after a busy Sunday preaching two different sermons. I’m normally exhausted mentally and spiritually. My favorite thing to do is to take a scenic drive somewhere to unwind. I began to drive southbound toward Cape Cod. It was a beautiful day. Once I crossed the bridge onto the Cape, I decided to take a trip to Provincetown. My mind suddenly shifted into relaxation mode. I felt free as I was cruising along in the midst of vacationers headed to their destination. I love the special beauty of Summer in Massachusetts.

A little over an hour had passed when I approached Provincetown. I was captivated by the spectacular sand dunes and the color of the ocean. I decided to go directly down to Race Point beach instead of trying to fight the busy traffic in town. The parking lot at the beach was full. As I drove past the parked cars down the hill, I noticed a trailhead and pulled in. There was a shady spot for me to park next to a bike bath and fire trail. Initially I thought to walk the bike path, but my intuition guided me to venture out on the fire trail.

I was instantly pleased with my decision to take a hike. The breezes whistling through the ocean pines swept me away into contemplation. “I truly needed this”. I knew the path was headed in the direction of the ocean. I just didn’t have any idea how long my journey would take to get there. A short while into the trek, I came out into a clearing. I was on an elevated path over the areas where the water flowed at full tide. The vegetation and waterways the ocean had carved was magnificent. The birds were singing as if to welcome me into their living room.

Off in the distance I noticed a lighthouse. It looked closer than it actually was. I loved the presence of the moment, convinced God directed me here. I continued toward the ocean. I ambled along the path until I arrived to a place where I had to walk through a waterway that was about knee deep. It was refreshing! When I got to the other side, I discovered a vehicle path in the sand leading up to the lighthouse. I was about 150 yards away.

A sign shared information about Race Point Lighthouse. It was built in 1816, and is operational today. Another sign pointed to the path for the beach. As I navigated over a couple of sand dunes, the beauty of the ocean exhilarated my soul. I was standing on the most eastward point of the United States by myself on a gorgeous beach. Thank you, Lord, for the adoration of this moment! I approached the shoreline and walked into the crystal clear water watching the boats passing by soaking in the bright sunshine. It was an inspiring rendezvous with serendipity.

I walked out of the water and sat down on the beach. I took out my notebook and began to write...

“Sitting in quiet solitude on Race Point Lighthouse beach. A spectacular afternoon basking in the glorious sunshine. The waves have a continuous rhythm in step with my spirit. I have profound gratitude for this precious gift. The ocean breeze is making me feel alive as it brushes my hair backward. Spellbound by the splendid warmth in my heart in peaceful tranquility. How did I deserve this? I didn’t want this blessing to end."

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