Cody At The Cul-De-Sac

“Hi Cody!” my heart cries out every time I see my friend. He’s a Chocolate Lab who consistently runs to the edge of his property as I jog by. We’ve done this dance for years.

I took a two year hiatus from running due to enduring eleven surgeries. This past June was a revival of my exercise regimen. My goal was to lose forty pounds gained from rehabilitation. The beginning of this journey was difficult. “No way I’ll ever be what I once was!” This inner dialogue went on for the first three weeks.

One relief was my friend greeting me again. Yet something had changed. He no longer dashed up to me. Cody simply acknowledged me from his porch. The gray around his chin portrays a season where life is winding down. I’m sad knowing it won’t be long before he will Rest In Peace. The only shortcoming of a dog is that their life is too short.

I embrace precious moments these days. Cody reminds me to slow down and notice the beauty around me. It propels me into a mindset of gratitude. What are you thankful for today?

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