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Creating amazing prosperity for your company is my passion.

Fueling your profits to a phenomenal level is the #1 priority.

Persuasive marketing material for email, websites, letters, articles,


videos and speaking engagements are my specialties.


You will benefit from the most productive copywriting, content


strategy, and marketing competence.  This is extremely important


because your vision demands extraordinary results.  



I've endured 11 surgeries in 14 months, delivered a baby on Labor Day, and received


a Mayor's Commendation Award for rescuing people from a burning building.

Responding proactively to significant challenges in life is essential for execution.

Your deadlines won't be missed when adversity is the obstacle to performance.

"Ideas are the starting points of all fortunes"---Napoleon Hill

Let's have a conversation about your possibilities for a remarkable future.

It would be a privilege to learn more about your goals and aspirations.